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Free Agency Begins: Open Thread

Use this Open Thread to post your thoughts and any breaking news that you may hear and want to be the first to post on the Beatdown. So far, since the midnight deadline, it looks like former Tennessee Titans DT Albert Haynesworth won't be on the field against the Baltimore Ravens for the next four years as he is apparently signing a $100 million contract with the Washington Redskins. Also the 'skins have re-signed CB DeAngelo Hall as well. Go Dan Snyder!

As far as the Ravens free agents, no definite news so far. However, it has been reported that center Jason Brown turned down a very fair $6 million per year offer from Baltimore and has chosen St. Louis as his first official visit as a free agent. He is looking for a contract that pays him as a guard, in the $8 million per year range. Also, it appears the Ravens have offered LB Bart Scott a contract paying him $7.5 million annually that he has not accepted and has received an offer to visit the NY Jets and Rex Ryan today.

No word on the status of bringing back MLB Ray Lewis to the team as of yet. Keep in tune w/ the Beatdown for all Ravens free agent signings as well as other key news from around the NFL.