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SB Nation Partners with Yahoo!

This is a major announcement from the Lords of SportsBlogs Nation! For  a while now, we have been anxiously awaiting the go ahead to let all our readers know of what was coming down the pike. Now the cat is out of the bag and it can be screamed from one end of the blog universe to the other! SB Nation and Yahoo have formed a partnership that will link us to our teams' pages on Yahoo Sports content. This means that when you go to Yahoo, click on sports, then NFL and finally the Ravens, you will see a box of the recent stories posted on the front page of Baltimore Beatdown with a link to each one.

Already this has resulted in a huge increase in traffic on this and all the SB Nation team sites. Just yesterday alone, we had well over 1,300 hits and 2,300 pages views, making it the best day of the off season in Beatdown history and already one of the top five days ever since I came on board. A lot of the thanks for this has to go out to the readers and fellow posters. The Front Page content here has improved considerably as you guys have contributed more and more, as well as upped your games content-wise. Consistent posting, especially on a daily basis at the very least, on the Front Page stories and the FanPosts on the side bar will continue to be the minimum expectations from our readers and we need to continue posting the type of quality writing that sets us apart and has us growing in leaps and bounds.

Thanks again to everyone for doing their part. The off season is almost as busy as the regular season and figures to get a lot more interesting in the next days and weeks of free agency, the NFL Draft and then OTA's and Training Camp. For more specifics on the new partnership with Yahoo, check out the official SB Nation blog, Blog Huddle, which posts discussion on the state of the SB Nation.