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Former Steelers CB Bryant McFadden Perfect Fit for Ravens

Read it and weep. There, I said it. Let's go get one of the hated enemy's former players. The Pittsburgh Steelers did not re-sign starting CB Bryant McFadden and the Baltimore Ravens should target him to pair with our other starting CB, Fabian Washington. Then they could re-sign Samari Rolle to a more cap-friendly contract to be their nickel back. That would allow us to focus on spending our first round pick on a wide receiver, unless we also sign one during free agency, although I doubt we could make both of those types of signings along with retaining our free agents to be.

McFadden would cost us, but certainly not the amount it would have cost us to sign a top tier free agent. It would settle our starting CB issues and still give us the space to re-sign Ray Lewis and Jason Brown. We don't need to make a huge splash in free agency, as we are not desperate for help in any position. Don't be crazy to think we need a high priced free agent in order to compete for the Super Bowl next season. A mid-level team player or a diamond-in-the-rough such as a Jim Leonhard-type is all we need. Heck, I'd rather have Dallas' wideout Miles Austin than Cincy's TJ Houshmandzadeh, as Austin is young and can fly!

Most importantly about McFadden, this is a guy who knows our most toughest opponent inside and out. He's been practicing against both Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes for all of his career. Who else is better suited to play twice a year against the AFC North opponents than McFadden? I say go out and grab Bryant McFadden on Friday and settle our CB situation on the first day of Free Agency!