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Sample Wonderlic Test: How Do You Stack Up?

Click on the link here to take a portion of a sample Wonderlic Test. This is the intelligence test that so many NFL teams utilize at the Combine and prior to the NFL Draft to determine if the players they are considering drafting are smart enough to understand the complex NFL playbook, schemes and tempo of the pro game. Some of the best and worst recorded scores are below:

"High" scores:

Alex Smith -- 40
Eli Manning -- 39
Matt Leinart -- 35
Tom Brady -- 33
Quincy Carter -- 30

"Low" scores:

Vince Young -- 15
Steve McNair -- 15
Donovan McNabb -- 14
Brock Berlin -- 13
Marcus Vick -- 11

Note: It was reported that Vince Young scored a "6" the first time he took it and then was permitted to take it again to record his "offical" score.

I got a 45 (9 of 10) when I took it. How did you do?

Note: Thanks to the football bloggers on SB Nation for passing this link around.