Ravens to Franchise Suggs

It has been reported all over that the Ravens will place the Franchise Tag on Terrell Suggs if they cannot sign him to a long term contract before Thursday. If they don't work out a long term deal by then, the Tag will give them the time to work something out while giving the Ravens the security that he will not be going anywhere for the 2009 season. Since this will be the second time he has been hit with the Tag, he will get a 20% raise over his 2008 salary and will make just over $10 million this season, which will also count against the Ravens' Salary Cap space.

At the same time, this Tag on Suggs will free up the Ravens to concentrate on re-signing Ray Lewis to a 2-3 year deal. Since Ray cannot be Tagged, he will get his payday, hopefully the final one in his illustrious NFL career and ensure that he will finish his playing days as a Raven. I'd love to see him stay on as a coach once his playing days are over. Can you imagine him motivating the younger kids on the sidelines every Sunday!? He'd be an incredible asset to the team and should be retained at ANY cost.

To me that means that Bart Scott's days as a Raven are more than likely history. As he said on Sirius' NFL Network yesterday, "don't let the doorknob hit you where the good Lord split you!"

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