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Comparing the Ravens & Packers

Today we'll take a look at where the two teams stand, statistics-wise. While the game is played on the field, not on paper, it's sometimes interesting to see how they match up against each other compared to the rest of the league. With the numbers coming from, let's take a look at where the Baltimore Ravens and Green Bay Packers rank in the NFL:

Total Offense: Ravens (13) Packers (6)

Passing Offense: Ravens (13) Packers (6)

Rushing Offense: Ravens (14) Packers (11)

Scoring Offense: Ravens (12th, 23.4/game) Packers (6th, 26.9/game)

Sacks Allowed/QB Hits: Ravens (23/49) Packers (44/74)

(Defense Stats after the 'Jump')

Total Defense: Ravens (10) Packers (1)

Pass Defense Ravens (12) Packers (6)

Rush Defense: Ravens (6) Packers (4)

Sacks For: Ravens (T-22) Packers (T-17)

Interceptions: Ravens (T-7) Packers (T-3)

Points Allowed: Ravens (4th, 17.1/game) Packers (12th, 19.5/game)