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Ravens Lose Composure & Game

The Baltimore Ravens lost 23-20 to the Pittsburgh Steelers in a game that saw three potential game changing touchdowns either missed or called back due to penalties. Racking up over 100 yards in yellow flags, it's just hard to expect a team to win a close game when they have to  play against a tough team, much less their own inabilities to stay within the rules

You can blame so many things on today's loss, but the combination of penalties and conservative play calling down the stretch, in addition to poor decision making and execution on QB Joe Flacco's part doomed this team to now wait and see what happens in the rest of the day's games that will determine where we stand going into a must win game at the Oakland Raiders next Sunday.

Just one more close game against a good team that the Ravens have not been able to find a way to win at the end. Once again, this shows a weakness in clock management and a lack of killer instinct, as it appears that this team constantly plays either to tie or just not to lose, rather than have the guts to play to win. Speculate what you want, but use the space below to join me in venting your frustrations.