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NFL Picks & Pans: Week 14

After an above average week of picking ten games correct but unfortunately not the Baltimore game, I'll show the Ravens the way to finish strong over the next four by doing what we do best and that's just win. Here we go with the best games of the weekend and remember, I'll pick and pan the Ravens-Lions game in tomorrow's posting.

Colts over Broncos: Denver has actually been playing pretty solid lately but Indy is still looking for perfection and should drop the Broncos closer to getting edged out of the playoffs by the Ravens tie-breaker over them.

Saints over Falcons: No way New Orleans wants to see Indy be the only undefeated team after this week, much less the entire season, as Atlanta's injuries should slow them down enough to roll over for the Saints.

Vikings over Bengals: Minnesota gets right back on track as Cincinnati finds out what lies ahead of them in the playoffs.

Texans over Seahawks: Houston continues to tease their fans bout the post season but Seattle knows their season is basically already over.

Patriots over Panthers: Even with a hobbled Tom Brady, New England should be able to slow Carolina's run game enough to finally win one for a change of pace- for them!

Chiefs over BIlls: One of the weekend's worst games competition-wise, but the players are playing for jobs and Kansas City should be able to defend their home turf against Buffalo.

Jaguars over Dolphins: While I'd love to see Mimi push the Ravens into the lead for a Wild Card slot, I have a tough time thinking Jacksonville will drop a critical game like this at home at this time of the year, but.....

Buccaneers over Jets: Yes, this is my "Upset Special Pick of the Week" as I can see Tampa Bay upsetting New York and ending their playoff hopes once and for all.

Packers over Bears: I think Green Bay convinced most Ravens fans last week and should be able to do the same to the Chicago fans this week.

Raiders over Redskins: The Oakland dynasty is starting all over and the change in QB's there has them confident that they can beat anyone, including Washington.

Titans over Rams: Tennessee might not make the playoffs but they will beat St. Louis and Kyle Boller.

Chargers over Cowboys: San Diego is a very good team and Dallas will find that out at home as they are very over rated.

Eagles over Giants (Sunday night): A great NFC battle on prime time should have the nation watching as Philadelphia is a better team and New York will lose again for the sixth time in seven games. Ouch.

Cardinals over 49ers (Monday night): Arizona's Kurt Warner has joined Johnny Unitas as the only two QB's in NFL history to have four consecutive games with QB ratings over 120.0, which is good enough for me to see them beating a fading San Francisco team.

Last week:  10-6

Season record: 129-61