Organized Chaos No More

The Baltimore Ravens are now a disappointing 4 - 4. Ravens fans are looking for the reason why we are 4 - 4 instead of a possible 7 - 1 or even a perfect 8 - 0. Hauschka can't perform when we need him, or we need bigger and better receivers to complement Joe Flacco's big arm. No one reason will or should take the whole blame for our so far disappointing season. However I would like to point out something that many analysts have failed to mention. Where is the Organized Chaos?

I realize that Rex Ryan had left and no one would be able to replace a great defensive coordinator such as him. Greg Mattison was questioned when he was promoted to replace him however everyone brushed the fact aside that his TWO years in the NFL would be a large factor. Halfway through the season our defense has had one stellar outing (Week 9 against Denver) and have put pressure on quarterbacks like pillows. We have seen multiple quarterbacks have god-awful amounts of time to throw the ball against our secondary. We have seen possibly the fewest sacks and turnovers forced by our defense since our inaugural season. We have seen our streak of 30+ games of allowing no rushers to run over 100 yards broken 3 times in one month, twice by the same player (Cedric Benson of the Bengals).

Greg Mattison obviously does not know how to properly run a pro defense and despite the friendship between Coach Harbaugh and Mattison I believe we must FIRE our defensive coordinators. There are other defensive coaches on our staff who deserve the chance to run our defensive schemes who have been coaching in the NFL longer and who have been with the Baltimore Ravens longer. We should wait til the end of the season to keep continuity however if the organization does not release Coach Mattison at the end of the season we, as the fans, will not have another Organized Chaos defense to look forward to anytime soon.

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