Suggestions for Cam Cameron...........

The last two games I noticed Ray rice getting hit in backfield quite often. I also noticed no Leron Mcclain in there at times. Why is are 265 lb. fullback not in there setting the lead block. My god. Rice needs a lead blocker like Mcclain. I also had an Idea of this. Listen closely. Ray Rice in the slot. Mcgahee in the backfield along with Mcclain. Clayton and Mason as the wideouts. Todd Heap tighend. My goodness. How would that look to opposing defenses. How about some trick plays. Flea flicker. End around. Option. Can any of are halfbacks throw the ball? Are offense has been too predictable. I would like to see Ravens first possesion not even run the ball. I mean throw,throw,throw all the way down to the red zone. Then punch it in. Joe Flacco needs to look for Kelley Washington more. I'll give you a tidbit stat. Kelley Washington has 25 receptions this year. 20 of the 25 have been for first downs. Thats money people. Flacco needs to go to him more. Any one know Washingtons speed. Is he a deep threat. Clayton and Mason can rarely get behind a DB. Can Washington? Cant remember Flacco going to him deep all year. OK thats all for now. Love to hear some comments.

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