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Ravens @ Bengals: Prediction & Gametime 'Open Thread'

Stick with Baltimore Beatdown all day and post your comments and jubilation as the Baltimore Ravens continue their path to the top of the AFC North with a revenge victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. I'll be here all day, commenting on the pre-game, game time and post game happenings and welcome your company as I watch it all unfold on the big screen TV.

While the Bengals played great and beat the Ravens in all phases of the game last time they played, I do not expect that same Ravens team on either side of the ball to show up today. That said, I also don't expect the same Bengals team we saw in Baltimore to be on the field as well. Mostly because, if the Ravens play like they did last week in dismantling the Denver Broncos, that itself will not allow Cincinnati to play like they did in the team's first meeting.

Of course, limiting the mistakes will go a long way towards a victory, and that includes not only the turnovers, but the unnecessary penalties at those critical phases of the game. Speaking of critical phases, the continued maturation of rookie kick returner and cornerback Lardarius Webb could easily be an x-factor today, if he breaks a long one to put us on a short field and helps out more in the secondary with the chances he's beginning to get.

The most important phase of the game will continue to be in the trenches, where the Bengals ruled last time we played. Putting the same type of pressure on Carson Palmer that we put on yle Orton changes everything. Stopping Cedric Benson before he reaches the line of scrimmage forces the Bengals to put the ball up more often and lets our pass rushers pin their ears back and go at it.

I see all of this happening as the Ravens are better prepared for this tough stretch in their schedule that will flesh out the division. The "real" Ravens showed up last week and I fully expect them to be here today. The "real" Bengals will be exposed and while I do not see this game as a runaway, I will also agree with the oddsmakers who have us a road favorite.

Ravens: 24-13