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NFL Picks & Pans: Week 9

After a mediocre record last week, I will try to return to prominence once again in making these picks straight up rather the tough way, against the spread. I'll Pick & Pan the Ravens/Bengals game in tomorrow's posting. So here goes:

Colts over Texans: While everyone is jumping on the Houston bandwagon, I'll stay on the one with Indianapolis and Peyton Manning.

Patriots over Dolphins: Even though Miami has played New England tough, I still see the rested Pats figuring out the Wildcat and winning.

(More on "NFL Picks & Pans: Week 8" after the 'Jump')

Packers over Buccaneers: I actually was thinking of making this one of my upset picks but I still think Green Bay has way too much offense for Tampa to keep up with.

Cardinals over Bears: The way Arizona played at home in their loss should make me choose Chicago in this one, but the way the Bears played in losing at Cincinnati two weeks ago makes up for that.

Jaguars over Chiefs: Jacksonville, despite being the Titans first victim, is still a better team at home than Kansas City is on the road.

Falcons over Redskins: Please, there is no way that Atlanta could even think of a way to give this game away to Washington, which is in as much disarray as any team in the league.

Saints over Panthers: New Orleans might be the best team in the league along with the Colts and while Carolina played great in beating the Cards on the road, this is a different "road" for them.

Seahawks over Lions: Detroit is beginning to look like the winless team of last year and even an inconsistent Seattle team should handily defeat them.

49ers over Titans: Fresh off of their first win shouldn't matter for Tennessee, as SF is looking to get back on track. Both teams have good running games, but SF's run defense is much better than the Titans and gets the nod.

Giants over Chargers: Great game and a very important one for both teams. However, after three straight losses, New York can least afford another home loss while San Diego, win or lose,  might actually catch the Denver again.

Eagles over Cowboys (Sunday night): Philly has been looking solid as of late since their loss in Oakland and while Dallas has as well, I like the Eagles in front of their home crowd on national TV.

Broncos over Steelers (Monday night): Accuse me of thinking with my heart and I'm guilty as charged. However, despite their flat showing in Baltimore last week, the Broncos have been real tough at home and as good as Pittsburgh has been, they do not seem unbeatable when they're on the road, as evidenced by bad losses at Chicago and Cincinnati. Thus the Broncos are my 'Upset Special Pick of the Week!'

Last week: 8-5

Season record:  82-34