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Let's All Be Thankful Ravens' Fans Today

Thanksgiving gives us a day to be thankful for all the things we have in life and the NFL gives us a great day and night of football along with it. On the subject of what the NFL gives us, we have our Baltimore Ravens to be thankful for. While this season and some of the past ones have been anything but ones that we would ever think of thanking the team for their performances, we must not lose sight of the fact that at least we not only have a pro football team, but a competitive one at that.

While we have lost a bunch of close games this season that has many of us creeping closer to the edge of the ledge, our Ravens have been in them until the very end. Not every team can say that and even some of the better ones have been on the losing end of lopsided losses. Pick your poison, but our five losses have been by a grand total of 23 points, with ten of those 23 points being the losing margin in one loss (2nd Cincinnati Bengals' game), meaning the other four losses have been by a total of just 13 points!

Therefore, before we go lamenting the state of the franchise and our frustrations with just being an average team when it appeared earlier this season that perhaps we can go deep into the post season, let's be thankful at least for today for what the entire Baltimore Ravens organization has given to us over the years since pro football returned to Baltimore. Long run-on sentence, but hopefully I got my point across. At least for today, okay folks?

Enjoy the games and then let's focus on beating the Pittsburgh Steelers!