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Ravens Lose Another Win-able Game

The scoreboard will just show another close game lost by the Baltimore Ravens, this time 17-15 to the Indianapolis Colts. But to those who witnessed the game, it is just another of the frustrating disappointments that this season has become. With the team trailing by two and just under five minutes to play, the Ravens had the ball inbside the Colts 10 yard line with a third and goal. All day the team had either run and play for the field goal or throw outside to either DerrickMason or dumped it off to Ray Rice. Mason had his way all day against the Colts secondary along the sidelines but for some reason the play was called for Mason to cross the middle near the goal line. It was pretty obvius that Joe Flacco had made up his mind in the huddle that no matter what he was throwing to Derrick and regardless of the fact that he was surrounded by Colts defenders, Flacco still tried to force the ball in there. We Ravens fans know exactly what that is called- it's a "McNair Moment" just like the time in the 2006 playoffs where the late Steve McNair did almost the exact same thing in their 15-6 loss.

There is so much to complain about in this devastating defeat, so why don't you all start it off, as I'm pretty numb after this one and perhaps should settle down before typing anymore. All yours, guys.