Organized Chaos: Sort of?

Yesterday night against the Browns, Ravens fans got to see some of that old Organized Chaos from a year ago or was it? Undoubtedly all of you saw last nights game in a 16 - 0 shutout of the lowly Cleveland Browns. What you also saw was a cheap imitation of the Organized Chaos defense of last year. I'll give Greg Mattison credit for bringing some of that old flair back however it seemed forced and unnatural. We also finally were able to put pressure on the QB however it is against the Browns offense line who look disorganized and chaotic at best. In my opinion we won't be seeing such a shoddy play call from Coach Mattison next week. The Colts offense will undoubtedly use a no huddle and we will not be able to fumble around the line of scrimmage like that unless the Ravens plan to be on there backs all day.

Other notes:

- Ray Lewis is calling out Brady Quinn for his low block against T-Sizzle (Terrell Suggs) who is out indefinitely. The play was reminiscent of Favres hit earlier this season. If you ask me Brady deserves at least as much as Favre was ($10000) if not more.

- Steve Hauschka known for his 'Hauschka Hook' was released today. Who will replace him is still unknown though news should come on Wednesday.

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