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Final Score: Ravens 16-0

While the Baltimore Ravens knew they were playing a pretty bad team, they didn't expect to get the battle they did for at least the scoreless first half, finally pulling away early in the 3rd quarter to pitch a shutout over the Cleveland Browns 16-0. The Ravens did nothing to make their fans think they can stick with the better teams in the league, much less the next two opponents at home, the Indianapolis Colts and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

However, it is still a win and in the NFL anything can happen and let's be glad we leave Cleveland with a win. The injury status' of both Terrell Suggs and Haruki Nakamura should be clearer tomorrow. For now, we know Nakamura broke his ankle on the opening kickoff and most likely is done for the season. Hopefully Suggs is fine after a cheap, low blow by Brady Quinn after he threw his second interception.

The Ravens should be looking to sign another placekicker after Steve Hauschka missed another easy one, regardless of the fact he did hit one later in the game.

Let's get ready for the Colts now.