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NFL Picks & Pans: Week 8

While I'll pick & pan the Ravens/Broncos tilt in tomorrow morning's post, here are my picks for the rest of the league as the teams play their first games in the most important month of the season, which should separate the pretenders from the contenders.

Packers over Vikings: One of the best games of the weekend as Brett Favre's return to Green Bay makes the fans happy and Brett sad. I like the Pack's passing attack and the emotion of the home field advantage over the old guy.

Giants over Eagles: I couldn't decide whom to go with until I started typing. I have both QB's on my fantasy team and still don't know which way to go. Both teams have disappointed recently but the me the Giants have the better defense and got crushed slightly less than Philly did to New Orleans, so I'll go with them (and probably Eli).

More "NFL Picks & Pans: Week 8" after the 'Jump')

Cowboys over Seahawks: Dallas has way too much firepower for injury-riddled Seattle, with Tony Romo now having a new favorite target in WR Miles Austin, who I pimped that the Ravens should have gone after in the off season.

Jets over Dolphins: Sort of a revenge game, after Miami upset New York earlier this season. Which Mark Sanchez shows up today, the interception throwing one or the confident hotdog gobbler?

Colts over 49ersSan Francisco has dropped back to earth after a good start but might have settled on who's throwing to Michael Crabtree. At the same time, Peyton Manning throws to everyone whenever he wants to.

Bears over Browns: Chicago is mad and angry after Cleveland's Ohio neighbor embarrassed them and will take out a old fashioned butt whooping on them.

Lions over Rams: Wow, talk about the bottom of the barrel. Even Comcast's NFL RedZone might skip over this one!

Texans over Bills: Houston seems to have found their gear and while Buffalo won last week, now they're playing a team that can truly throw the ball.

Titans over Jaguars: This is not a sign of support for VY, as I would have picked Tennessee to win even with KC at QB. However, it's time for a change fir theTitans, as well as a win, and Jacksonville just happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. My 'Upset Special Pick of the Week!'

Chargers over Raiders: The rematch will be a mismatch.

Cardinals over Panthers: Arizona looked pretty good in New York last weekend and if Carolina can't beat the Bills at home, they how can they fly 3,000 miles to win on the road. Time for a QB change?

Saints over Falcons (Monday night): No Sunday night football this weekend, due to the World Series. However, New Orleans should provide enough offense for both nights as they shine on national TV while Atlanta does their part to try to keep up in the NFC South race, but just can't match firepower with Drew Brees and company. Watch Brees charge up the team pregame in a way that is only matched by our own Ray Lewis!

Last week:  9-4

Season record:  74-29