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NFL Picks & Pans: Week 4

After a scorching week 3 in forecasting (13-3), I move on to what looks to be some "statement" games this weekend, all headlined by the Baltimore Ravens at the New England Patriots. There are a couple of other key division and conference matchups with teams looking to legitimize themselves while others staving off falling even further behind this early in the 2009 NFL season. Let's get right to it:

Redskins over Buccaneers: You have no idea how tempted I was to pick Tampa Bay to upset Washington in the nation's capital, but the Redskins just have to win this one to save coach Jim Zorn's job for at least one more week.

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Bear over Lions: Sorry, Detroit fans, time to return to earth with a thud as Chicago runs and passes all over and around you today.

Jaguars over Titans: Even though Tennessee is winless, this is sort of an 'Upset pick' in that I see the Jags getting better while it seems like the Titans might be looking at 0-4!

Texans over Raiders: This is a tough game to pick as we just don't know which Houston team will show up, although we are pretty sure which Oakland team will be there, which is why I'm picking the Texans.

Bengals over Browns: In the Battle of Ohio, Cincinnati continues to impress while Cleveland continues to depress!

Colts over Seahawks: Indianapolis always seems to win the first couple of months every season while Seattle is once again wrought with injuries to their QB and offensive line.

Giants over Chiefs: New York stays unbeaten as Kansas City stays winless despite their multi-million dollar franchise QB.

Bills over Dolphins: The change of QB's in Miami shouldn't make a difference as Buffalo's offense should move the ball with the return of RB Marshawn Lynch.

Saints over Jets: I'm not buying into the New York bandwagon just yet, until they go on the road and beat a tough team,while New Orleans flies high at home and can throw on anybody, even Rex Ryan's defense.

49ers over Rams: San Francisco is the surprise of the NFL and look who's under center in St. Louis, Baltimore's former 1st round draft pick, Kyle Boller! 'Nuff said.

Broncos over Cowboys: It's beginning to look like Denver's for real despite losing their All-Pro QB and I'm still not sure that Dallas is the playoff contender that they want so badly to be every year before failing at the end.

Steelers over Chargers (Sunday night): While I'd love to see San Diego push Pittsburgh further down in the AFC North, I can't envision them coming east on national TV and beating the Steelers, even without Troy Polamalu, who they seem to so desperately miss.

Vikings over Packers (Monday night): Great game for a Monday Night Football clash, with Brett Favre facing, and then beating, his former team behind a great running game and even more importantly, a real tough defense that should make it difficult for Aaron Rodgers to upstage his former teacher.

Note: I will "Pick & Pan" the Ravens at Patriots game in Sunday's post.

Last week: 13-3

Season record: 36-12