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It's just my opinion, but...

...I still think the Ravens 3-3 record is an aberration and they will rebound in a big way, starting next week.

...I thought the Broncos were for real a couple of weeks ago, when I picked them to beat the Cowboys and Patriots in Denver.

...if they can do that on the road, then I'll be fully on their bandwagon.

...the Ravens defensive backs will suddenly get a lot better once we figure how to make the opposing QB's throw in less then seven seconds for a change.

...didn't Ed Reed look this bad last season before tearing up the league from week nine on?

...weren't the Ravens not only 3-3 at this point last year but actually 2-3 after their first five games? many of us were screaming to change QB's from the rookie to Troy Smith?

(More "It's just my opinion, but..." after the 'Jump')

It's just my opinion, but...

...I still don't see the Bengals contending in the AFC North, although a win over the Bears this week will help.

...I think the Vikings are headed into a trap going into Pittsburgh Sunday, but will still root for Minnesota.

...Cleveland is a much better team with Derek Anderson than Brady Quinn, although I'd still give Quinn the rest of the season to prove it wrong.

...Indy once again looks to be the class of the AFC, which is usually is for at least the first nine weeks every year.

...I'd also be REAL pissed if I saw my head coach put on a Steelers' jersey and say he "wanted to know how it feels to be a winner!"

...if the Super Bowl was played right now, the Colts-Saints would be a great display of fireworks, eh?

...something tells me the Broncos and Vikings fans think this would be a better game, but not me.

...while the team needs the Bye week, it's still a "void" for me and probably for most football fans.

...this is the only weekend in season that I take my wife away.

...I will still find a way to watch TV come Sunday afternoon.

...Comcast's NFL RedZone will be on all day so I can see live action of every TD scored in Hi-Def!

...I plan to use my Sprint Palm Pre to catch NFL Mobile Live when not near a TV so I can keep up with all the news on my favorite teams and players, especially for fantasy stats. can respond whatever you want, but these are MY opinions!