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Ravens' Schedule: Where Do We Go From Here?

Here's the fun post of the week. It might be differnet for you than when you first saw the Baltimore Ravens 2009 schedule before the seqson started. Now that it's six games old for us, what do you see for each of the eleven remaining games? Are you going to be the positive or negative thinker? Do we have a chance to win all hose games you once thought were win-able, or now based on our defensive lapses, are those games going to continue to be major disappointments? I guess we'll see what you think and the results will be what the Ravens do on the field, beginning after their Bye week with a home contest against the undefeated Denver Broncos, who are coincidently on their own Bye week. Two undefeated teams in a row after playing two one loss teams in a row prior to that. Knowing this, the Ravens are playing a much tougher schedule than anyone would have thought.

(See my thoughts on the rest of the "Ravens Schedule..." after the 'Jump')

Week 8: Denver (home) - Win. Defense shapes up enough to let us outscore the Broncos and hold on at the end for a change.

Week 9: Cincinnati (away) - Win. Child please, we are so much better than we played them at home and they are just not that good.

Week 10: Cleveland (away) - Win. We can play terrible and still beat them.

Week 11: Indy (home) - Loss. Until we can step up and break the curse, I just can't see us slowing down Peyton.

Week 12: Pittsburgh (home) - Win. Still not impressed with the Steelers and think this is the year we turn it around.

Week 13: Green Bay (away) - Loss. The first night game in December in Packers history! Why? It's too damn cold and we've never been a bad weather team.

Week 14: Detroit (home) - Win. See Cleveland comment.

Week 15: Chicago (home) - Win. Cutler can't beat us alone.

Week 16: Pittsburgh (away) - Loss. Splitting might still be the best we can do this season.

Week 17: Oakland (away) - Win. Raiders still tough on the west coast but we do well there.

That looks like I'm predicting a 7-3 finish and a 10-6 record. However, I still think the Ravens can win one of those three predicted losses and as the season progresses, the possibilities will enlighten themselves as we get closer to each of those games. Finishing 11-5 should be enough for a playoff spot and even an AFC North title. However, it all starts next week as our chance to prove the last three losses were flukes comes with the opportunity to knock Denver from the ranks of the unbeatens and send us off for the rest of the season on a positive note.

What say you?