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Ravens Play Poorly, Lose to Bengals 17-14

Got to give Cincinnati credit, as they not only beat the Ravens on both sides of the ball, but on the scoreboard as well. To rub it in, the Ravens surrendered over 100 yards to an individual running back as the Bengals' Cedric Benson was the first to do so against us in 39 games, dating back to late 2006.

Complain all you want to about the penalties or the lack of an offense. With two minutes to go in the game, the Ravens had the lead 14-10 with the Bengals on their own 20 yard line. If Cincinnati could go 80 yards against this defense, then they deserve to win the game, which they did. Once again, Baltimore loses a tough, close game they were in position to win. Now sitting at 3-2 and heading to Minnesota to face an undefeated Vikings team, the Ravens are now tied for second with the Pittsburgh Steelrs, a game behind the 4-1 AFC North leading Cincinnati Bengals.

More to follow shortly, but throw out your post game comments here and unleash your frustrations along with me here at The Beatdown.