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NFL Picks & Pans: Week 5

After a second straight scorching week (12-2) and continuing the winning ways of picking the winners straight up, there are a bunch of what looks to be one sided games this week, seemingly more so than any other week this season. However, as they say,"...any given Sunday..." upsets do indeed happen as this week begins the reality checks of those teams who think they are still in the hunt find out how far behind they will be with roughly one third of the season complete after this weekend.

So let's get right to it:

Panthers over Redskins: Washington has just barely beaten two bad teams at home, so they won't have a chance against a disappointing Carolina team that is probably better than their record indicates.

Bills over Browns: Buffalo may be injury riddled but hey are still not as bad as Cleveland is, having scored only one offensive TD before last week's close game against the Ravens opponent this week, Cincinnati.

Steelers over Lions: Detroit would be smart to leave the injured prized rookie QB on the sidelines as Pittsburgh will bring the pain to anyone who lines up under center against them in this game.

(More "NFL Picks & Pans" after the 'Jump')

Cowboys over Chiefs: Dallas gets a better shot to give Tony Romo some confidence as Kansas City is looking pretty sad lately.

Vikings over Rams: This should have been a great matchup of top runners but while Minnnesota should run all day, St. Louis will barely run at all against one of the top run defenses in the league.

Giants over Raiders: With or without Eli Manning, New York should beat a bad team that is a shell of the once-proud franchise in Oakland.

Eagles over Buccaneers: Donovan McNabb returns to show Tampa Bay that he is still among the better QB's in the league against a team looking to rebuild in a bad way.

49ers over Falcons: This might be one of the best games of the weekend, but the San Francisco defense seems too tough for Atlanta to come west and expect to win (oh yeah, Matt Ryan is NO Joe Flacco!)

Cardinals over Texans: Arizona gets it together to win a shootout, as Houston can put points up in bunches as well but probably can't outscore Kurt Warner and company.

Broncos over Patriots: Call me crazy, but this is my "Upset Special Pick of the Week!" I think Denver's defense is for real and they will begin to get everyone on their bandwagon as a legitimate contender for the AFC West. Meanwhile New England was beaten and battered from their tough win over the Ravens and I expect a drop-off from them.

Jaguars over Seahawks: I think Jacksonville is a better team than their record suggests and Seattle just is not.

Colts over Titans (Sunday night): I so wanted to pick Tennessee to not go 0-5 to start the season, but I just can't do it even if the game is on national TV and in Nashville.

Jets over Dolphins (Monday night): I'd love to see Miami pull the upset on Rex Ryan on a prime time stage, but can't see it happening, although the Dolphins did defend their home turf last week.

(NOTE: I'll pick and pan the Ravens-Bengals game in tomorrow's post)

Last week:  12-2

Season record: 48-14