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Gametime: Ravens @ Dolphins

It's finally game day and all the trash talking between both teams' fans has to come to an end, at least for one team. After this game, one of these two surprising teams will be moving on to the next round while the other is going home for vacation to watch the remainder of the post season on TV.

I apologize for the lack of depth and supporting insight on my prediction of the game, but I am getting ready to leave for the game and will be there in person to wildly cheer on the Ravens with the rest of the huge throng of Baltimore fans who have made the trip to South Florida just like me. We will be heard on TV's yelling "Heeaaappp" and "Reeeeed" so loud you'll hear us in Baltimore! The sight of so many purple-clad fans will almost make this a home game, just like it was in October when a sea of Ravens fans saw us demolish the Dolphins 27-13.

I see the same thing happening again today, as the teams have improved but they still are focused on the same things that they brought into week 7 and which have made them successful since then. A lot of Dolphins fans have said they are predicting a Miami victory, but would not be totally surprised if the Ravens beat them. However, ask any Ravens fan the same thing and they will say that they would be shocked if the Ravens do not win today.

This is because we watch our team all season long and see how badly we beat up the opposition. Sure teams like the Giants, Steelers and even Colts had our number, but they paid the price physically for those wins. The Ravens outmuscled and overpowered the Dolphins in October and plan on doing the exact same thing today. There is really no reason why that won't happen, as even with the excuse of injuries, the Dolphins are pretty much the same team with improvement over the earlier part of this season. Therefore, I totally expect Baltimore to pound the ball down Miami's throat, running with success and passing with efficiency. The Dolphins running game, including the Wildcat, will be ineffective and Pennington just does not have the arm to carry the team to victory. The Dolphins best bet will be to make a couple of long, big plays on offense, defense or Special Teams in order to keep it close, although I don't see that happening either.

The Baltimore Ravens send the Miami Dolphins packing for a well deserved vacation after a wonderful season, but ending earlier than all Dolphins fans want it to.

Ravens:  20-9