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Ravens Free Agents: Who Do We Re-Sign?

Below is a list of all our the Baltimore Ravens free agents, courtesy of This is a total list of all starters and reserves on both sides of the ball, restricted and unrestricted. We certainly can't and don't want to sign them all, but there are those obvious resignings as well as some that are more important than you think.

I believe the NFL Salary Cap next season is around $123 million. However, unless the Collective Bargaining Agreement gets re-done before 2010, it will be an "uncapped" year, the first of its kind since way, way back. We certainly don't want to see this happen, as it will shortly turn pro football into major league baseball, with the big market, higher revenue teams grabbing all the high priced free agents and you just know someone like Jerry Jones in Dallas or Daniel Snyder in D.C. will turn into football's version of George Steinbrenner and the Yankess. What's so great in pro football is that at the beginning of every season, pretty much every team has a chance to get to the post season, while we know that's just anywhere nar true in baseball. While the Ravens would have the revenue to compete with the big boys, we won't have the depth of the cash that they have overall to pay the ridiculous contracts that will emerge from this mess. Hopefully, both sides will get together in the off season, elect a new head of the NFLPA, and together work out something acceptable to both sides before the 2010 season.

In the meantime, take a look at the list below and let me know who is a "must-keep," who is a "should-keep" and who is a "let-walk" free agent.

Pos.        Player Name                         Decision?

QB          Kyle Boller                            Walk

QB          Todd Bouman                       Walk

RB           PJ Daniels                              Walk

FB           Lorenzo Neal                         Should

WR         Terrence Copper                  Walk

WR         Demetrius Williams              Should

TE           Quinn Sypniewski                Should

TE           Daniel Wilcox                       Should

PK           Matt Stover                           Should

P              Sam Koch                              Must

DL           Dwan Edwards                     Walk

LB           Dan Cody                              Walk

LB           Ray Lewis                              Must

LB           Bart Scott                              Should

CB           Corey Ivy                              Should

CB           Derrick Martin                      Walk

SS           Dawan Landry                      Must

DL          Terrell Suggs                         Must

SS          Jim Leonhard                          Must

C            Jason Brown                          Must

(Did I miss anyone? didn't have Suggs, Leonard or Brown listed!?)