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It's just my opinion, but...

....does it seem that the trash talking between the Ravens and Dolphins fans has stepped up from the regular season to the playoffs or what!?

...I see bizarre similarities between the newly successful Dolphins fans comments and the same sort from the Cleveland Browns fans after their surprising 2007 season.

...I still admire their loyalty despite their rather personal attacks on our team, fans and bloggers.

...for whatever reason they do not handle the trash talking and smack very well, and get unusually defensive over on their site compared to here.

...I will continue to trade barbs with them and will gladly go back there after we win (or lose) to get "closure."

...I doubt anyone from there will come here to take their "medicine" after they lose.

...I would urge all Beatdown fans to continue to post the type of comments that you know I approve of, and keep our "quality-over-quantity" slogan true.

...I just can't see the Ravens losing this game on either offense or defense. thinks this Ravens team is way too physical for the Dolphins to stick with for four quarters.

...while offense is sometimes good and bad, defense "travels" well.'s some stats for you:

...Miami's defense ranks 15th in the NFL, 10th against the run, 25th against the pass and 9th in points allowed.

...the Ravens defense ranks 2nd overall, 3rd against the run, 2nd against the pass and 3rd in points allowed.

...Miami's offense ranks 12th overall, 11th in rushing, 10 in passing and 21st in points scored.

...the Ravens offense ranks 18th overall, 4th rushing, 28th passing, but 11th in points scored.

...while it seems that the 3-4 points that the Ravens score more and allow less are relatively insignificant, they are absolutely not as that could easily be the difference between winning the Super Bowl or not even making the playoffs and is a spread of seven points per game, if taken together.

...the betting line has moved from Ravens -3 to -3.5, indicating a majority of the betting money is being put on the Ravens.

...don't be surprised if the line goes to -4 before the game on Sunday.

...I will post my predictions for the two Saturday games, as well as the other Sunday game tomorrow, although I am taking some of the underdogs this weekend.

...I actually like both NFC home teams, which are both underdogs, as are all the home teams this weekend.

...I still am not convinced that the Eagles are consistent enough to win a key game on the road in Minnesota.

...the Eagles loss in Washington convinced me that they are far from the improved team they are getting credit for.

...while the Vikings QB situation is less than optimistic, they have some guy named Peterson that you can never discount his effect on the game.

...while the Arizona Cardinals have stunk it up the past month or so, they are still tough at home and the Falcons' Matt Ryan has not looked so great on the road lately, throwing more interceptions than TD's.

...the Cards have a ton of firepower in the passing game and Kurt Warner has been here before and done pretty well in the post season.

...while the Colts have won nine in a row and I still think they will win over the Chargers, it could go either way as San Diego has had Indy's number over the past couple of years.

...both Phil Rivers and Peyton Manning have had great years and rolled up big stats in leading their teams to the playoffs when they both were looking pretty sickly after the first month or so of the season. should be a great opening weekend of the post season and I can't wait to get on my flight tomorrow morning to sunny South Florida to see my Ravens repeat what I witnessed them do in October!