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Wow, even I'm sore today!

My back was killing me after yesterday's game! I don't know if it was sitting on the edge of my seat for three hours, jumping up and down after Matt ("It's Not Over Til It's) Stover made that field goal or when Kerry Collins' fourth down pass fell incomplete. However, I am in such back pain today that it hurts to type. I'm sure the Ravens as well as the Titans are feeling the effects of yesterday's brutal war, but somehow it hurts a heck of a lot less after a win. Therefore, I'm sure the Titans fans are feeling it more so than us Ravens fans.

However, Titan fan has no need to hang his head, as that is one tough football team that battles to the last second and makes a Ravens fan proud on how they play the game. They dished out as much punishment as we did, as evidenced by the mounting walking wounded that accumulated on both sidelines as the game progressed. Hopefully, all will be fine, especially the key Ravens players who got dinged up throughout the game. The media all talked about how tired we must be after playing 17 straight weeks and I'm sure they'' regurgitate it some more throughout the week before we play the winner of this afternoon's Steelers-Chargers game.

So who do we want to win there? Really doesn't matter to me, as I think this team is on such a roll that we should almost be looking at whom we want to face in Tampa in three weeks. Just kidding there, folks, although to me I'd love another shot at the New York Giants and would truly enjoy a repeat of the last time these two teams met in Tampa. This season is beginning to look a lot like the 2000-01 Super Bowl year and if we end up going to the west coast for the AFC Championship Game like we did in 2001 it will be scary! Somthing in me wants to see the Steelers win so we can go into their house and finally beat them to show it only matters who's better at the end of the season. If they do win today and then defeat us for the third time this season, then they are definitely the better team and deserve to go to the Big Game. On the other hand, I am definitely considering going to the game next week wherever it is and you can call me soft, but I think I'd rather sit in 75 degree weather in sunny Southern California than 30 degree windy, rainy, snowy Pittsburgh! Besides, I'd get to wear my lucky Ravens Hawaiian shirt again!

At this point, however, to be dead honest, I am so stoked to be talking about going anywhere, that the game could be played in Siberia and I'd go there (just not Cleveland!). Could you ever think about having this discussion four longs months ago, much less one or two? Keep doubting us and keep picking the opposition, ESPN guys, we love it here in Baltimore, as we have learned and perhaps you will as well, that offense wins games and makes highlights, but DEFENSE wins championships!!!