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Whacko for Flacco!!!

The signs were printed and on display all over M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday and the cheers began shortly after he ran 38 yards for a touchdown in the third quarter. By the way, Joe Flacco set an NFL record for the longest TD run by a rookie QB in his first game in league history! So, one game for the rookie and he's already not only in the Ravens record books, but the NFL one as well! Pretty good first showing, eh?

However, Joe, as well as all Ravens fans, don't expect the rest of the league to roll over for you just yet. The fact is, your stats weren't that good, just good enough to win. At the same time, they don't need to be good, but as we said, just good enough. Here is where we put in the memory link to the 2001 Super Bowl Champs (see 'Trent Dilfer'). The Texans defense might have gotten rolled over on by the Steelers in Pittsburgh, but the Ravens should expect a much tougher Houston team when they open up their home schedule this Sunday afternoon. Our offense isn't anywhere close to Pittsburgh's, but our defense might actually be better than theirs. So while we may not score 30+ points in this game, we might not give up 17 either.

The Ravens have been anemic on the road the past year and until they prove they can win as visitors, they will continue to be the underdogs when they travel to enemy territory. Then again, this team after only one game, has given me and the rest of the Raven's Nest hope that perhaps, just perhaps, we have just seen the beginning of something special this season. After all, what did Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger do in his first season after being forced into a starting role thanks to my Ravens? He just won 15 games in a row his first year and a Super Bowl title his second. Sounds pretty darn good to me!