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NFL Picks: Week 1

Here we go with my picks and pans for the opening week of the 2008 NFL season:

NY Giants over Washington: I predict a 16-7 Giants victory (wait,...what...oh, nevermind)

Sunday's Games

Detroit over Atlanta: Matt Ryan won't be a star just yet. Hopefully, no one else will steal Rudi Johnson's bags, either!

Seattle over Buffalo: Seahawks too tough even over an underrated Bills team. Could end up being a Bills upset, so don't be surprised.

Jacksonville over Tennessee: Jags running game is excellent while Vince Young hasn't impressed me lately. Both defenses excel, so don't expect too many points.

NY Jets over Miami: Brett Favre will lead the Jets to victory while Dolphins will be better in 2008. Can they be any worse? Oh yeah, ask my Ravens!

New England over Kansas City: Puh-lease! Poor Tom Brady missed all preseason? Wahhh! Still a no-brainer.

New Orleans over Tampa Bay: Saints start off season with big division win at home while Bucs running game is undermanned and passing game unpredictable.

Philly over St. Louis: Eagles overwhelm Rams defense with Westbrook and McNabb. We'll see how healthy Bulger and Jackson are in this game.

Pittsburgh over Houston: Steelers just too tough at home with their defense putting a hurting on Matt Schaub. Texans defense pretty tough but offense will stall.

San Diego over Carolina: Chargers offense and defense will rule Panthers, who should improve over 2007 but not this week in San Diego.

San Francisco over Arizona: Cardinals are popular pick, but Frank Gore says otherwise. This game should be close and could go either way.

Dallas over Cleveland: With or without Jamal Lewis, Cowboys too tough on both sides of ball, while I'm not sold Browns can repeat last season's success.

Indy over Chicago: Bears offense so woeful it can't compete with Colts offense, even with an injured Peyton Manning missing all of preseason (see Tom Brady "Wahhh" comment above).

Baltimore over Cincinnati: Gee, you thought otherwise? More to follow tomorrow morning in detail on this game.

Monday Night

Green Bay over Minnesota: Aaron Rodgers is underrated and the Packers are too tough on both sides for the Vikes, who have a tough D and AP, but no QB.

Denver over Oakland: Despite the home crowd of Raider Nation and Jamarcus Russell now in charge, the Broncos are too polished for the Raiders. Should be a closer game than most expect, though.