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It's just my opinion, but...

...I'm pretty darn excited about seeing how Ravens rookie Joe Flacco handles his starting gig.

...if he doesn't pull a "Boller," he could actually lead this team to a victory Sunday.

...Ocho Cinco's new name was a perfectly good nickname and his legal change to that makes him look like an idiot to me.

...if we hit Bengals QB Carson Palmer early and hard, it will change the entire game.

...based on the above comment, the entire key to the game will be based on our pass rush.

...if we do indeed get constant pressure and sacks from our pass rush, we will win. the same time, if we don't we get picked apart and badly beaten.

...staying in the division, the Steelers are the favorite to repeat in the AFC North.

...they don't look nearly as strong as they did last year, due to their offseason personnel losses, especially on the offensive line.

...I'm not convinced the Browns can repeat their incredible offensive performance from last year.

...the Browns defense still looks to be a real weak link, despite their offseason additions.

...the Bengals will be a good offensive team, even though they will have to rely more on their passing game this season.

...the Bengals defense will rank among the worst in the entire NFL.

...conversely, the Ravens offense will still remain around the bottom of the league.

...if their defense stays healthy, they should return to the top tier of defenses.

...the combination is worth at a least a .500 record, and who knows what else.

...obviously, I can't wait for Sunday afternoon!