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Boller Placed On IR

No only has Kyle Boller been placed on Injured Reserve, thereby ending his 2008 season before it began, but as I said in an earlier post, he most likely has thrown his last pass outside of a local bar in Baltimore.

Boller's labrum injury to his throwing shoulder was obviously serious enough to merit ending his season. With Troy Smith unable to practice, much less play due to his tonsil infection that caused him to lose 20 pounds, the Ravens needed help to back up rookie starter Joe Flacco. They tried out three veteran QB's, and the major football networks each took turns announcing that the Ravens had signed one, then the other and finally got it right on their third try. Todd Bouman, age 36, has played for six NFL teams during his less than steller career, most recently with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He has a strong arm, but never latched onto a team long enough to make any significant contributions.

Here's hoping he keeps that streak intact in Baltimore. Flacco is by far the most prepared QB in camp and Bouman most likely is keeping the seat warm for Troy Smith to take once he recovers from his illness. In the meantime, Bouman is one hard hit away from stepping up under center as the QB of the Baltimore Ravens.

Scary, isn't it?