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It's just my opinion, but...

...Aaron Rodgers is performing so good, you wonder if the Packers would be as good even if Brett Favre was starting.

...Favre has made the Jets a lot better than they were with Chad Pennington.

...Pennington is not helping the rebuilding efforts in Miami and should be benched in favor of the other Chad (Henne). Insert 'hanging chad' joke here.

...with the season ending injury to Tom Brady, the AFC East is up for grabs.

...that also includes Buffalo, as the Bills have looked impressive, starting the season 2-0, with the Raiders coming Sunday (soon to be 3-0).

...while the Steelers look to be the class of the AFC North, if Ben Roethlisberger's sore shoulder gets pounded this weekend by the Eagles, it certainly would level the playing filed in the division.

...due to the Colts slow start and Peyton Manning's rustiness, the Jaguars and Titans have a chance (although I doubt it) to unseat them atop the AFC South (sorry, Houston).

...the NFC East is by far the toughest division in football, with no close second.

...the Cowboys, Eagles and Giants will beat each other up pretty bad twice per season, and the survivor will win the Super Bowl.

...that would have been a pretty bold prediction pre-Brady injury, but now it is certainly reasonable.

...the Carolina Panthers may return to form and take the NFC South.

...the Falcons might have looked decent to start the season, but will still finish in the division basement.

...speaking of division basements, joining the Falcons in the NFC cellars will be the Rams, Lions and Redskins (ha!).

...the cellar dwellers in the AFC will be the Dolphins, Bengals, Texans and Raiders (pretty easy picks).

...the division winners will be a lot harder to pick than the losers. the NFC North, it will be between the Packers and Bears (I say the Pack takes it). the NFC East, I have to give the edge to the Cowboys, but wouldn't be surprised if the Giants repeat, even with their personnel losses. the NFC South, I like the Panthers, although I wouldn't be surprised if the Saints or Bucs end up on top. the NFC West, the Seahawks were the favorite, but the Cardinals are looking pretty good so far, especially under Kurt Warner. the AFC East, I still like the Patriots, even though the Jets and Bills look much improved. the AFC South, the Colts should regroup and take it once again. the AFC West, I think the Broncos will edge out the Chargers.

...I left the AFC North for last, as I think the Steelers should easily take the title, but somehow I like to dream that if Roethlisberger's shoulder injury is worst case scenerio, the Browns continue to thud back to earth, the Bengals implode even more, ...and the Ravens stay healthy and rookie Joe Flacco has a "Roethlisberger-like" rookie season,...then maybe, just maybe....hmmm...