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Ravens-Texans Game Postponed

It was announced just after noon today that Reliant Stadium, home of the Houston Texans, had sustained significant damage to its roof due to Hurricane Ike, making it unfit to hold any event. Therefore, at this point, the Ravens-Texans game will not be played there on Monday night. The teams are still talking to the league looking for a suitable alternative.

Both teams have different Bye weeks, so that obvious alternative is out of the question. Perhaps they'll play in another Texas city, be it Dallas or San Antonio. I've heard that Atlanta is a possibility, and of course Ravens Stadium is available, but I doubt that'll happen.

More to follow in this posting as information comes available.

Update: It was announced by the NFL that the Ravens-Texans game will be held on Sunday, November 9th in Houston. This was originally the Ravens Bye week, and the schedules of the Texans as well as the Cincinnati Bengals were changed to accomadate the rescheduled game. Thus the Ravens Bye week becomes this weekend and they will play the rest of the season without a break. While this solves the issue, it certainly is not to the Ravens advantage to have their Bye week so early in the season.