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Ravens Waiting Out The Storm

As Hurricane or Tropical Storm Ike heads towards the Gulf Coast, it looks like the Baltimore Ravens are going to have to wait and see what havoc it wrecks on the Houston area. The team will most likely head to Houston earlier than normal, hunker down in their hotel and wait to see what Ike brings this weekend. The Houston Texans play in Reliant Stadium, which actually has a retractable roof. However, the roof is not the problem, it's what the area will be looking like on Sunday morning after the storm hits. If there is widespread damage and flooding, it doesn't matter if the field is dry, the game will probably be postponed. That might mean a Monday Night Football game, which would be cool, but anything other than that would be a huge scheduling issue.

The Texans and Ravens, as well as the entire city of Houston, are hoping to be spared the brunt of the storm, and the game can go off without a hitch, whether the roof is open or not. Either way, we will watch with unusual interest, the path of the storm and its expected ferocity, as the Ravens hope to be the only ones inflicting damage on Houston this Sunday!

Update: As of Thursday afternoon, it was determined that it would be best for everyone's safety to postpone the Ravens-Texans game, originally scheduled for Sunday afternoon, until Monday night at 8:30pm. Therefore, the Ravens will get another game on Monday Night Football, along with their upcoming game in two weeks at Pittsburgh.