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Quick Hits: Ravens Rumors

Rumors are just that, hints at what could be the truth or just conjecture. Either way, they stir up the pot of controversy and certainly get the sports talk radio humming.

Here's a couple I've heard:

1. Kyle Boller's shoulder is a lot more serious than the Ravens are letting onto. In fact, he may actually miss the ENTIRE 2008 campaign, needing season-ending surgery. The rumor mill continues to peddle that the Ravens don't want to leak this information out to the other teams because they are looking for a seasoned QB and if they appear desperate the asking price will skyrocket. Why oh why didn't they sign Daunte Culpepper when I told them to!

2.  Ed Reed is also in the same boat as Boller. His shoulder will almost certainly keep him on the sideline at the beginning of the regular season and might end up costing Reed the entire season as well. McAlister and Rolle better get welll fast because without Reed to cover their asses, the reserves will be hung out to dry all season by the opposing QB's. Jim Leonard should take Reed's place in the starting lineup and both rookies, Haruki Nakamura and Tom Zbikowski, should see action as well.

3.  Willis McGahee may still be out, but as soon as he begins running on his knee, he will be right back in the mix to play. That could very well indeed happen by the regular season, as McGahee has maintained all along. His injury is such that it has been surgically repaired and now just needs to get better. While he may not be in game shape, he should be able to take more of the load each week. Ray Rice makes a great insurance policy.

4.  Troy Smith may be well enough to take a few snaps in the final preseason game Thursday night. However, Joe Flacco will handle a majority of the game and is every bit in the mix to start the season under center. This will definitely be a heck of a lot clearer by late Thursday night.

Updated Thursday, August 28 8am: Ravens did pick up a QB, although it certainly wasn't the one I wanted. Casey Bramlet was claimed off waivers from the SD Chargers, although he was a 4th round draft choice of the Bengals in 2004. Other than that, his only notable accomplishment was being named the MVP of the World Bowl. Looks like Kyle Boller's injury may just be as serious as rumored and posted here yesterday.

Around the League: The Chicago Bears released disgruntled cornerback Ricky Manning, Jr., as he has been complaining about his lack of playing time. Manning is a decent corner and the Ravens would be well served to check him out as their secondary is not only hurting badly, but the reserves leave little to be desired. There's got to be a valuable place in the Ravens secondary for him. Go get him!

That's all for now. Comments?