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A huge welcome to Baltimore Beatdown goes out to our friends over at Sports Illustrated's website, located at If you go to their NFL page and click on the Ravens team page, under Recent News is a listing of a bunch of related stories. There you will see our posts from Baltimore Beatdown listed along with the Baltimore Sun, Carroll County Times and other local and national newspapers. Check out the link here.

This link has resulted in a large increase in the hits on our blog and for that we are very appreciative. If you have been referred to this site from the Ravens team page, feel free to tag us as a favorite, sign up as a member (it's free!) and post your opinions in our Fanshots section or comment on my postings and other responses.

Keep in touch w/ us and look for some more unique and first person experiences, as I am a loyal Baltimore Ravens fan and season ticket holder, yet remain realistic enough to see that this team can either return to 2006 form when they went 13-3, or continue their freefall to the AFC North basement from their 5-11 2007 record (ouch!).

Thanks for visiting and let's hear your opinions. For those who have been responding to my postings and putting up their own Fanshots, keep 'em coming and thanks for the past efforts!