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Game 7: Ravens @ Dolphins

The Ravens have revenge on their minds despite trying to forget the entire 2007 season. When I saw the Dolphins coming up winless on last year's schedule, I knew we were in for a boatload of trouble. Playing on the road so poorly all season, we were just what the doctor ordered for the winless 'fins. I was almost happy for the Miami fans and players when they won in dramatic fashion in overtime. Of course, if former coach Brian Billick had any balls, there never would have been an extra period. The Ravens faced fourth and goal from the six inch line with seconds remaining in regulation. A field goal gives us the tie and chance to win, or lose, in OT. A touchdown ends the game right there on the final play. My take? You're out of the playoff hunt and will gain no significant benefit playing the sudden death period. Here's what I would have absolutely, definitely done: I'd tell the Dolphins I'm sending McGahee up the middle to win the game. If I can't move it six inches against the worst team in the NFL, then I'm the worst team in the NFL. Billick was playing for his job and not for the team with his gutless and heartless call. That loss should have sealed his fate, if it wasn't sealed earlier in that dismal season.

However, this is a new year, not just for my Ravens but for the Dolphins as well. There's no way they can be that bad again, as they should be healthier and made huge gains in the recent draft. Although rookies, both tackle Jake Long and QB Chad Henne should reunite on the pro field from their days together as Michigan Wolverines. Hopefully, they won't be winless when we step onto their turf in week 7.

Playing .500 ball is still not what the Ravens wanted when the season started. However, they've won the games they were expected to, and played well enough in the road losses to give them positive things to move them in the right direction. While not a good road team, a healthy and angry Ravens team should have enough offensive firepower to outscore the Dolphins this week. McGahee had a good game last season and along with Ray Rice, should break off long gains all afternoon long. The Ravens short passing attack will succeed enough to move the chains and put the Ravens in scoring position, be it over the goal line or through the uprights. Defensively, the Ravens should shut down Miami's ground game and make them work and pay for every passing yard, which shouldn't be many. This should be  a low scoring affair, which is probably one of the many reasons this game was not in the running for Monday Night Football. Let's put this game in the win column without any injuries and get out of South Beach!

Ravens: 19  Dolphins: 10

Season Record:  4-3