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Quick Hits

Rumor has it that the Packers contacted the Ravens to gauge their interest in acquiring "semi-retired" Brett Favre. However, the Ravens reportedly told them "thanks, but no thanks." The suppposedly requested price would have been a second and fifth round draft pick, similar to what the Redskins paid for Jason Taylor and the Saints gave the Giants for Jeremy Shockey.

Although I've repeatedly said I'd love to have seen Favre in a Ravens jersey, at this point in both the Ravens rebuilding efforts and Favre's career, it seems to me to be a relatively poor fit for both. Favre enjoyed a resurgent season last year, but had a poor one in 2006. He had better pass protection in 2007 and a bevy of big, fast and young receivers to choose from. The Ravens have none of the aforementioned, which is my reasoning for the poor fit. I say ride Troy Smith until Flacco is ready, unless Flacco is so much better by the end of training camp.

Speaking of training camp, I live about 15 minutes from McDaniel College, site of the team's camp. I plan to visit there on a regular basis this summer, starting as soon as this Friday. While not an autograph whore, I will try to post photos and hopefully will be able to grab a rookie or even a veteran for a short interview. Check out my earlier posts with interviews of two interesting and promising rookies to watch in camp - safety Haruki Nakamura and wide receiver Marcus Smith.

Our deepest sympathies go out to Ravens cornerback Samari Rolle and his entire family on the sudden loss of his father. Peace be with you, Samari.

More to come under this title: Quick Hits.