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Game 2: Ravens @ Texans

In the past, this would have pretty much been an automatic "W" for most teams. However, the Ravens were absolutely horrible last season in their visiting white uniforms and until they prove they can go on the road and win, I will be hard pressed to predict a road victory against anyone.

The Houston Texans are a much improved team, both on offense and especially on the defensive side of the ball. Mario Williams, who was the surprising first pick in the 2006 draft ahead of Reggie Bush, has proved that the pick was the right one. He is not only a defensive leader on his team but also among the better pass rushers in the entire league. The Texans defense has always been their stronger point, but the arrival of QB Matt Schaub along with the playmaking of wide receiver Andre' Johnson, make them a threat to score from anywhere on the field. While I expect the Ravens to put Chris McAlister on Johnson's tail and the Ravens run defense to shut down the Texans running game, I see the offense sputtering against a tough defense. A couple of turnovers and the Ravens go into a hole and we all know they are just not real adept at coming back from behind.

Unfortunately, I see this game falling into that "special" Baltimore Ravens category where they seem to "snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!" Even without former head coach Brian Billick, the team is still able to remember how to take a win-able game and muff it in the last few minutes. This one will hurt on Monday!

Texans:  19  Ravens: 13

Season Record: 1-1