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2008 Regular Season: Game-By-Game Predictions

Between now and the start of training camp, we will be predicting the outcomes of all 16 of the Baltimore Ravens regular season games. We will break down each game in summary and defend our reasoning of whether or not the Ravens will win or lose. We invite your comments and arguments on our opinions and you should feel free to post yours as well.

At this point, we are looking at anywhere from 7-9 wins, depending on so many variables, from who the QB ends up being, to the health and productivity of all facets of the enitre team, including the coaching staff. I fully expect this staff, from the head coach to the assistants, to have a lot more balls in their game calling, especially on the offense under Cam Cameron. As we all know, a couple of key calls or plays can make the difference between seven and nine wins.

Last season, I firmly believed that former head coach Brian Billick absolutely hurt this team's chnces to win a couple of games due to poor play calling or the lack of a spine to go for it when the season was basically over due to our poor record. He seemed to be more in the mode of saving his job than trying to take the risk to win the games. Specifically, the opening night Monday Night Football game, the Buffalo game and the Miami embarrassment were all games that his playcalling had a definite effect on the Ravens losing. A better call or decision to go for it on fourth down and inches to go for a game winning TD on the last play of the game could have possibly changed a 5-11 season into a potentially promising 8-8 record.

However, that's all water under the bridge as we have a new season with a new coaching staff, save for the returning defensive coordinator, Rex Ryan. I am prediciting a much better and energized gameplan and therefore, will be trying to look at every game from a perspective of how the Ravens can win this game. Sue me for being a "homer" but this is MY blog and this will be how I see it panning out.

Next time: Game 1 at home vs. Cincinnati Bengals