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Musa Smith Signs w/ NY Jets

It's the end of an era for the Baltimore Ravens. Musa Smith, the 2002 draft pick and the third leading rusher in Georgia history (Guess who's #1 and 2? Answer at end of post.) has just signed a free agent contract with the New York Jets. Smith has been the backup running back for his entire career behind both Jamal Lewis and now Willis McGahee. However, the addition of 2nd round draft pick Ray Rice (RB-Louisville) made it no longer a priority to re-sign Smith, who was a good addition to Special Teams during his time here in Baltimore.

However, Musa may just be most well known as one of the unlucky recipients of the Dallas Cowboys' safety Roy Williams infamous "horsecollar" tackles, which have since been outlawed by the league. Williams broke Smith's ankle and went on to also break Terrell Owens' ankle as well, and has been repeatedly suspended for this cheap-shot tackling technique. Check out this photo of Musa Smith being horsecollar'ed by Williams and focus on his right leg. Ouch!


 To see highlights from Musa Smith's last game with the Baltimore Ravens, click here.

 Answer: 1. Hershel Walker; 2. Garrison Hearst