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Jason Taylor to the Ravens!?

Rumor has it, and of course rumors are just that until they are facts, that digruntled Miami Dolphins' defensive end Jason Taylor is heading to the Baltimore Ravens in exchange for a 2009 third round draft pick, which could end up a second round pick depending on certain circumstances.

This is a rumor that was reported today by Baltimore's ESPN1300 radio, a local sports talk station, and has not been verified not confirmed.

More to follow on Saturday, as this posting will continue to be updated as soon as it is confirmed or dismissed.


Updated: Well, I've always told my kids that if it seems to good to be true, then it probably isn't. According to the local radio station it was originally reported from, there have been no talks between the Dolphins and Ravens regarding Jason Taylor. Miami has spoken with the San Diego Chargers, but no mention was made of the Ravens. It appears that a current female ESPN1300 Baltimore radio host, who is formerly from the Miami area, had made the remark, probably more out of dreaming than reality. She must have swooned when watching Jason Taylor's final 'Dancing With The Stars" routine, where his dance partner ripped his shirt off at the end to expose his manly pectorals.

If I can dream about Taylor playing for the Ravens, then I guess she can have her dreams as well!

Bummer. Can you imagine a D-line of Ngata and Gregg filling the inside holes, with Trevor Pryce and Taylor bringing it from the outsides? That would push Suggs back to LB, along with Bart Scott and some guy in the middle named Lewis. With those front seven, it automatically makes our secondary much better, woeful last season due to an almost non-existent pass rush. It also gives us depth up front, and might allow us to make some difficult choices after the 2009 season, when Lewis, Scott and Suggs all become free agents, although you know Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti is not letting Ray Lewis leave until he retires as a Ravens.