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Senator Arlen Specter needs to get a life!

I guess that since there's absolutely nothing going on in the country and world right about now, Arlen Specter (Republican Senator-Pennsylvania) needs to get himself into the news. His intrusion on such a minor topic in the realm of what he is supposed to serve his state and this country for is a big, disgusting joke to me.

I somewhat remember that there is sonething going on in the Iraq/Afghanistan regions. Also, I believe there are energy, housing, environmental and crime situations throughout not only the enitre country, but your state of Pennsylvania as well. Let's see: critical national and international issues.....or the NFL's secret videotaping issue? Hmmm....a tough choice on where to focus your energy on behalf of those common people who elected you. Now I understand, Arlen, why you chose the NFL. After all, it's not the controversial steroid problem you're speaking about, which affects so many players in almost every sport, including for all we know, players on your Pennsylvania professional sports teams. No, this issue is about one team reportedly gaining a competitive advantage by copying signals for a football game.

Wow, you should be commended for going out on a limb and taking a stance to defend the integrity of what has become our nation's pasttime, now that baseball has been basically ruined by steroids and the lack of a salary cap. Thank god we have elected officials like you who can put the state's, nation's and world's issues on the back burner while you tirelessly put your name and face on the sports' pages, ESPN and other sports channels.

PS- A word of recommendation to you: Arlen, since you are beginning to look like a buffoon to all those who already didn't know you were a buffoon, perhaps you should leave the policing of an issue within a sport that only affects a team or three, to the NFL itself. That would allow you the time to look at other insignificant issues to jump on the bandwagon to make your constituents think that you have a clue as to what is going on in the world.

Jeez, what a waste of time, money and votes!