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Stover Leading Effort to Oust Upshaw

Baltimore Ravens placekicker and NFL Players Association representative recently sent an email to other teams' reps in an attempt to organize the ouster of Gene Upshaw as Executive Director of the NFL Players Association. Upshaw has been Executive Director since 1983 and says he has no intention of leaving this position until a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is in place. Stover's email noted a proposed change by early 2009, and might have something to do with Upshw's recent salary extension, calling for $24 million over the next six years.

Upshaw responded by saying that "Matt Stover has no clue." Stover states he is not alone in wanting this change to happen by March of next year, although there may be dissenters on the player's side that could attempt to voice support for Upshaw to remain in his position through the entire term of his new agreement.

Read the article in The Baltimore Sunpapers here.