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It's just my opinion, but...

...if owner Steve Bisciotti says in his recent interview that he thinks Jon Ogden is done, then I'd tend to believe it is so.

...Bisciotti also said the Ravens have started talks about a contract extension for Ray, as he is a free agent after the 2008 season and along w/ me, he'd prefer for Ray to retire as a Raven, after a few more produuctive years.

...if you don't agree, then check out his stats and although he is not the dominant player that he was years ago, he still finished in the top 20 in the entire NFL in tackles.

...that said, I know you'll say that whenever Ray is in the vicinity of a tackle, he gets the credit, and I'll reply that at least he's always in the vicinity!

...the Ravens decision to have Ed Reed wear the defensive helmet radio (and the little green sticker) over Ray Lewis is most likely because Reed will be in for every play, while Ray might not be in on long passing downs. should take a look at all of the rule changes for this upcoming season, as there have been a bunch of them, some actually surprising.

...the most surprising one to me is that the receivers must have two feet in bounds, and that includes even if they are forced out by a defensive hit while in the air making a sideline reception.

...the topic of the long hair rule, which was recently tabled by the owners, is a bunch of BS, as who really cares, other than the owners who are looking to exercise their control.

...if you want to wear your hair long or in dreads, and it sticks out of your helmet, then it is fair game to be grabbed and/or tackled by your locks, so don't complain if it happens, and certainly don't throw the yellow flags, Mr. Official.

...I certainly hope they've addressed the rule that allows coaches to call a timeout at the last second before the field goal snap is made, which usually results in a made kick being replayed, which is unfair to the kicking team. far as the draft, whether the Ravens get a chance to draft Matt Ryan or anoither QB in the later rounds, Steve McNair will still be under center when the 2008 season begins.

...the QB who should most likely be worried about his status is obviously Kyle Boller, as a new QB will probably end Boller's term here in Baltimore, not Troy Smith's.

...with any new QB drafted, Smith should be the temporary backup, and then either be moved to third string until McNair retires, at which point he would be a capable backup to whomever we draft.

...enough already, why don't they have the draft in late March instead of late April!?