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Day Two - Rounds 5-7

Here are the finals picks for the Baltimore Ravens (Note: The Ravens traded away their 5th round pick):
Round 6: Haruki Nakamura, S (Cincinnati)
See his YouTube video here.
Round 7: Justin Harper, WR (VA Tech)
See his YouTube video here.
Round 7: Allen Patrick, RB (Oklahoma)
See his YouTube video here.

Notes: Don't know anything about any of these players, but do know that none of them are cornerbacks! I actually thought Nakamura played "Hiro" in the TV hit series, "Heros!" At least Harper went to a major program.

With someone like the local product, Erin Henderson from Maryland still available, I'm not too sure why they didn't make the popular pick and take a flyer on him. But then again, I haven't understood much of what they did all weekend. Of course, as former Ravens coach Brian Billick said, "that's why the players play, the coaches coach and the writers write!"

As far as other teams' strange picks, the Packers just made a strange one, when they took QB Matt Flynn of LSU, after they took Brian Brohm and still have Aaron Rodgers on their roster!