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Ray Rice in the 2nd Round

Not too sure what the thought was behind this pick, or the entire second round philosophy. While Joe Flacco probably wouldn't have made it to the Ravens at pick #38, they certainly could have came away from the first day with CB Mike Jenkins with the 18th pick and either one of Chad Henne or Brian Brohm with the 38th pick. Even if they targeted Flacco from the beginning, they still could have taken Indiana CB Tracy Porter in the second round but for whatever reason, decided to trade down again and garner more second day picks.

This draft will end up being judged on what the Ravens do on Sunday, to determine if what they did on Saturday was successful. Sure, Ray Rice will be a great complement to Willis McGahee, but they needed a decent corner much more than a backup running back. There are still a couple other CB on the board and the Ravens have something like nine picks in the final four rounds, so we'll have to wait and see before we judge their draft just now.

More to come tomorrow morning, starting at 10am.