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Rumor has it...

...that the next three picks after Jake Long have been decided. It looks like this for picks #2 thru 4:

  1. St. Louis - Chris Long, DE (Virginia)
  1. Atlanta - Matt Ryan, QB (Boston College)
  1. Oakland - Darren McFadden, RB (Arkansas)

So where does that leave my Ravens? Well, after those picks we still have to see what happens with numbers 5-7. In order, the Chiefs, Jets, and Pats pick ahead of us. The can't miss prospects that I've mentioned all along that will still be on the board are:
Glenn Dorsey
Vernon Gholston
Sedric Ellis

Do we wait until the 38th pick and hope one of the next three QB's are still there (Flacco, Henne, Brohm)? Is it worth the risk to wait? Who do we then take at #8? Do they take a LT (Albert) if he's still there to replace the supposedly retiring Jon Ogden? Is it too early to go for one of the better corners available? Obviously, it appears that the best option would be to trade down into the middle of the first round and pick up additional picks. At that spot in the first round, then they could take a good CB, and either wait until the 38th pick or better yet, trade back up into the end of the first round to get your QB of the future.

Ninety minutes until we start finding out for sure!