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Happy Draft Day to ALL!!!

Today is like Christmas to so many people, especially the coaches of the 32 NFL teams. Who will be all wrapped up under their trees by late Saturday afternoon? As far as my Ravens, it still looks like a crapshoot out there in their Ownings Mills War Room. They'll just have to sit and watch to see how the first few picks unfold today to determine what direction they go in.

I am convinced that I have absolutely no idea where they'll go with the 8th pick. I can see so many scenerios, although the thought of trading additional valuable picks to move up scares me a lot! There are so many team needs that no matter what they do (other than move up) will result in improving on last seasonb's embarrassment. In today's Baltimore Sunpapers, Jamison Hensley wrote that the Ravens could make a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles, sending their 8th pick in return for the Eagles 19th along with disgruntled CB Lito Sheppard. I'd jump all over that deal, as that would not only fill a significant hole with an established player, but still put us in position to take an excellent offensive tackle at #19 and then the QB of the future in the second round.

Of course, that's just more speculation from just another sports writer, and no different from me saying that I'd like us to trade the 8th to Kansas City for their 16th and their #5 of the second round. Then we could draft our cornerback in round one, as well as the QB and another great player early in the second with those two picks.

A lot of so-called experts see us taking Ryan with our first pick; others have us taking one of the top offensive linemen (Albert, Clady). Others have us taking USC's Sedric Ellis and some have us grabbing Troy CB Leodis McKelvin. Of course all these experts are mocking the draft based on ZERO trades affecting the whole damn thing. Even one major trade in the early part of the first round can significantly change the entire draft. Someone will trade up and down, and make an immediate effect on the rest of the day.

If indeed, Ellis falls to us at #8, the Ravens would certainly consider grabbing him, even if he is not filling such a critical need, because he is one of the top seven can't miss prospects, based on his results from the NFL Combine and USC's Pro Day. However, if he does and we pass on him, Cincinnati will snatch him up within ten seconds after we skip him. Therefore, I'd love to trade our 8th to New Orleans, who covet Ellis, and get their 10th as well as either their 2nd or 3rd. This would not affect our pick at all, get us an additional early pick and screw over the Bengals all at once. What a great move that would be!

I'll be blogging later today and tomorrow as the first day plays out and the second day shapes up. Needless to say, I'll either be on the sofa or listening to Sirius NFL radio all afternoon. God bless the NFL Network! Move over ESPN!