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A New Beginning

A Note to all readers of SB Nation:

SB Nation is in the last few stages of placing all the sports blogs in its network onto a brand new platform. You will see improved graphics, much more content and it will be even easier to navigate throughout each site and the entire network. Many of the sites have already been moved to the new platform. Baltimore Beatdown makes its move after this weekend, once the NFL Draft is concluded. There is the distinct possibility that there may some down time, when this site is not available online, so be patient and it will all be worth the wait. Once you see the new site and layout, you will have to sign up as a new member, but can use all of your old information, as long as the site says it is still available.

After this "migration" to the new platform, be sure to visit and check it out. Feel free to post your opinions as usual, and tell all your friends about the site and have them visit as well. Any ideas as to how I can make the site better would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for keeping in touch and you will be stoked to see what is in store for SB Nation and Baltimore Beatdown!