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Another option...

...for Saturday's draft could be to completely go the other way for a quarterback. The Ravens could sign Daunte Culpepper to be the starter and have Kyle Boller and Troy Smith fight for the backup position, with the loser being released. Instead of drafting a QB in the first two rounds, they could wait until the 3rd round and if necessary, move up and select one of the third tier QB's such as Andre' Woodson or Erik Ainge. The first round pick would then be, according to GM Ozzie Newsome's mantra, the best available player, regardless of position.

This could be USC DT Sedric Ellis or Troy CB Leodis McKelvin. Of course, if Boston COllege QB Matt Ryan is still there at #8, Newsome would have to decide if he wants to skip him or not. If the Ravens are looking to replace Jon Ogden, then a left tackle might be the pick, but the only other o-lineman worthy of this high a pick after Jake Long is long gone, would be Boise State's Ryan Clady, who may not still be there at #8. Besides, if the Ravens are serious, they have Adam Terry already there and the huge Jared Gaither in training for Ogden's spot.

That would leave the best option for the Ravens to trade down a few spots, and grab a top-notch corner, such as Dominic Rodgers-Crommartie, Aqib Talib or Mike Jenkins, and also garner a third round pick in the trade. We could take another lineman, either offensive or defensive with our 2nd round pick and then look at QB in the 3rd round. After that, we could fill a variety of reserve spots (goodness knows we need a ton of reserves), especially more CB's, a WR and a RB.

There are so many holes on this team, that injuries have uncovered as seen all last season. No matter what direction the Ravens go with their first two picks, they will surely be improving over last year's embarrassing season. I can't wait until Saturday afternoon!